Profound Loneliness

Yesterday I spoke to someone about the loneliness I have felt, and I realised I can handle about 90 percent of it pretty well, it’s the 10 percent that is profound loneliness that I cannot. Nothing touches it. Nothing. No amount of prayer or company touches it. It’s excruciating. I am convinced it is part of being widowed and one minute being wonderfully married and having all the intimacy that anyone could ever want and the next minute it is all stripped away. When the profound loneliness hits there nothing I or anyone else can do but let it take it’s painful toll upon me. It’s unlike anything else I have experienced. I give it to God but nothing changes, it still comes and goes as it chooses. Glad I told someone yesterday. I strangely feel like even though they haven’t been widowed they might know a little of what I mean. I think even if someone isn’t lonely but they have been in the past they can tell loneliness when they see it. And I’m grateful I’ve been seen. Very grateful 💕💕.

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