Bah Humbug


imageYou would be forgiven for thinking this post was written by Mrs Ebeneezer Scrooge, after a few lines in.

I have some very strong views about Christmas…. Warning!
So as an alternative to the Queen’s speech this Christmas, here you go:

I do love Christmas, but I’m strongly against its commercialisation. It’s standard by about let’s say September, to start being seduced by festive cheer.
I was speaking to a friend a few days ago and they said they now needed to buy a present for someone as that person had given them a present!
Surely this isn’t what Christmas is about? We don’t give to receive? I doubt whether that person was expecting a present back, but what’s this obligation that we may feel to return giving a gift?

Also, tell me, why do adults still send Christmas cards if all you’re going to write in a card is…

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