Love my degree course and my Theological College and my lecturers, because they all teach me how to discover more about The Lord. Navigating this Residential while grieving is interesting, I won’t lie, it’s hard and yet I’m still enjoying myself 🤔 It’s draining seeing everything through the eyes of loss, and I almost want to push it one side but I know I can’t do that… and I realise God is working at my pace regardless of whether it feels like He is or not… if that makes any sense.

Interesting to still feel the weight of grief and loss so heavy, and at the same time feel exhilarated about what I’m learning about God despite all the massive questions I have. 🤔 And to feel massively frightened and unsure about the future and at the same time ever so slightly tinkering on the edge of a chink of something that feels like possible hope….which feels like an alien feeling, and it’s fleeting. 

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