Complicated attending Part 2

Cried all the way to church today. Cried when I arrived, cried through the worship, and when I really cry, tears come even when I’m not crying… that’s a bit weird. Cried during the announcements as they announced something that John did last year and spent so much time and money on, and it’s just another reminder that he is not here and doing it, it’s so unfair. Being widowed is so crap. Everything in church reminds me of John and I’m not sure I can take it. There so many things coming up that will remind me of him 😦 I absolutely love my church to bits but it just feels way too hard at the minute and I feel like I cant stand it, which makes me even more upset :(. Don’t know what I’m gonna do 😦 Totally fed up. Feel down and out 😦 

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