In and out 

Enjoying being in Germany. My friends here are so lovely. Very grateful for them. The Pastor’s wife of the church here is an amazing lady. Had a good deep honest talk with her today. Was like taking a plaster off a wound. Felt exhausted and wobbly afterwards. Just want John so much and for things to be ok with God cause they feels so not. Then went out evangelising with them and their church to the drug addicts and prostitutes. Can’t believe I went in a brothel and prayed for and then hugged a prostitue… love my church so much. It’s truly brilliant that they reach people others wouldn’t even think to. They go where no one else goes and treat people with dignity, respect and care. So inwardly I’ve struggled but I’m so glad I went out tonight. I tried to make myself promise myself that if I was offered opportunities just to say yes to them. Spoke with some friends here tonight and they made me cry, cause they said I encouragement them by going out on the streets tonight, and said I was strong, but I said I wasn’t strong I was just doing what John would want me to do, and it hit me that he really would have wanted me to be out evangelising tonight so I am really glad I went. Starting to miss home now, so booked it just right with going home tomorrow evening. Long day tomorrow so much get to sleep. 

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