Got up after a horrible dream, took dogs over the park as one of them was too scared to go in the car to the country park. I was a little disappointed but I thought whatever. Got to the bench by the lake, started to weep and sob. It’s like every time the grief comes on thick, I’m emotionally floored, as in on the floor. Emotionally and spiritually I sink onto some low low floor, I can’t explain it properly but it takes every ounce of energy including physical to get me back up again, even to physically get me off the bench and home again, which doesn’t make sense as I wasn’t physically on the floor but might as well be. Now I’m home, I’ve just about managed to feed the dogs and now I am physically unable to do anything else. So I guess it’s a few hours in front of the TV until I recover. I thought I knew low. Turns out I had no idea. I’m hoping this will pass as cannot function like this. 

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A person trying to remember to blog!
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