Week 2- Trip to Aldi

Well we finished with 4p left over last week which was pretty good, as really thought we would blow it.

We were blessed a couple of items from friends last week, a bag of chocolate croissants and some fizzy pop.

Fridge and cupboards starting to empty out now though, have a feeling the freezers going to start getting hammered soon.

Went shopping yesterday to Aldi and spent £18!! Got a lot but if I’m really honest might have brought some unnecessary items, like lemonade and stuff so we’ll see how we get on but I have a feeing those things may not be on the shopping list for next week!

So still have money left over for toilet roll and milk which for some reason have become precious to me and kind of like the most essential items in the house. Haha!

One really good thing that has come out of this is we have not had take away at all. And this is such a good thing. We feel much better for that.

Things to note is 33p washing up liquid smells yuk when its used i’m going aldi and buying 49p Apple washing up liquid for sure, and laundry powder is starting to run out so 4th week might be interesting.

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