Day 4 Resourceful

Today we have been resourceful and frozen down something’s like cheese and some meat.

We froze the left over Jamaican patties too and have made curry goat and rice and peas and have some left over too.

Was helped today by my mother in law buying us toilet roll and milk which we accepted. Is this cheating? Having three quid left till Sunday we thought accepting toilet roll would be wise, and milk was a bonus. I can eat cereal now Whoop Whoop.

However I was naughty tonight as I brought more 42p cordial, wait for it….and……dun dun dun..30p value chocolate bar. Husband And I shared half of it after dinner as needed something sweet. Gonna have the other half tomorrow?

So really not a lot of money left at all. Kitchen roll is now being rationed out. Nearly about to crack open the 33p washing up liquid (the wand sponge was too expensive in the end, just going to have to have self control with the washing up liquid)

In some strange way I am kind of enjoying it as I am learning you don’t have to buy stuff, I know that might sound weird, but sometimes I feel almost compelled to buy stuff when in a shop. Now I know you don’t have to at all and also you don’t have to buy the best of the best you can buy the cheap stuff and some of it is alright.

Anyway off to bed now, which reminds me….dreading running out of toothpaste as my teeth really don’t like any other toothpaste other than Colgate…. Can’t I afford it though…..technically John had diet coke cans that cost £3.27 this week so maybe I can have some Colgate toothpaste if I buy a little one and make it last? Hmmm…cross that bridge when we get there I feel.

Peace out.

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