Day 3 Food for Thought

At the supermarket yesterday I spent £5.10 on various items that we needed.
I also brought a sack of potatoes for £4.00 from the market as an investment for the next few weeks.

Last night I brought some cheap cordial for 42p and as a luxury a multipack crisps for 66p.

Today we ate scramble eggs on toast for breakfast, left over Jamaican patties for lunch and Jamaican salt fish fritters for tea.

We brought the salt fish and some plantain and now we only have £3 left to last us until Sunday…..gulp.

We MUST save this for toilet roll I feel.

This is really making me think about how I spend money and how I really don’t think about what I buy and when and the waste if I don’t use it and all those kind of things.

I can honestly say I don’t know how people do this. It is so hard. I definitely feel for the people who only have this amount to live on each week.

My prayers will be focussing on these people every time I reach to get something I cannot buy for the rest of the week.

I am beginning to realise it can be a depressing, hopeless and somewhat scary feeling to know this is all the money you have to live on and once it’s gone it’s gone. I have always had more than enough money to live on and whist growing up we were never rich, I never went without. But I am realising that people do in deed go without, and probably on more occasions than I actually do realise.

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