Day 2

So yesterday we started living on £23.50 a week for our food and household goods, read the below blog for more info.

I spent £3.19 on chicken stock cubes, toilet roll and kitchen roll.

We ate 3 meals using stuff in the fridge from the weekend, sausages for breakfast, beef teriyaki skewers and rice for lunch and for tea we have roast lamb dinner with veg and potatoes.

Today will be more challenging I feel as I need to buy potatoes, washing up liquid (disagreeing with husband on this issue as I feel we should invest in one of those washing up wand sponges that you pour the washing up liquid in and it comes out through the sponge as I have a habit of going through washing up liquid like it’s going out of fashion when I am left to my own devices) so I shall see how much they are when I get to the supermarket.

We also need eggs, cheap cordial if I am going to be drinking tap water, and we thought we would buy some cheap rice crispier and do some baking to get some variety, we have some left over marsh mellows so are going to use them too 🙂

If it’s Tuesday and we have potentially used up all the money already, this week maybe a little interesting. I thought we would really struggle on the third week as probably a lot of the stuff we have in the house will be used up by then but now I am beginning to wonder if we will struggle every week of this challenge.

It is certainly teaching me a lot. And I am grateful for the things I have.

Off to the supermarket I go.

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