Thinking time

Well after knackering my foot on retreat in Amsterdam I have had a lot of time to think, and you know what? I have actually done very little thinking. Which you might say is  a dumb thing to do, when before this, I didn’t even have 2 seconds to think about anything other than what I was doing or what I was going to be doing next, but I have felt like I have needed to let all the things in my head ‘settle’ down if you like. And now that I am almost back on my feet again, I feel like I can start thinking through things. Strange, I know. But uncannily true.

I think maybe I may have heard a whisper from God during this time, and I am yet to put it to test, because if it isn’t from God I am not sure of what the next step is……not that if it is from God I am sure of the next step but I would have a specific direction to head towards if that makes any sense.

Sorry feel like I’m just rambling. Maybe I am. I’m actually waiting for the shredder to cool down and come back on, as have 2 weeks worth of shredding to do and this is the first ‘work’ I have done for 2 weeks.

Its just come back on. Chow

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