Observations on people from my geographical area

I work with the public, so get to see and meet many people.

There are the regular crew, who come in every day more or less the same time, for the same things.

The tailoress (as she calls herself) comes in for milk and chopped pork every day around 9/9.30am Her flats are all being renovated at the moment and she is giving us an update of the work every so often. Even though she’s retired she still does alterations, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and the like. Seems a busy lady still. She was married at one point to someone in the army and has lived all over the world as well.

There’s the gentleman who always has fivers on him and swaps them for us. (99% of the time we need fivers)
He comes and has corned beef and eggs amongst other things. A short fellow with long wispy hair and sideburns. Love to know how he has so many fivers and where he gets them from!

The Irish gentleman who wears the cap and buys random stuff, never the same, apart from maybe a bottle of milk. Like a chat. Talks about his gran children and buying them ‘flogs’ which are marshmallows and sweets. Brought me and the lady who works with me some the other day but the lad who works for us ate them all šŸ˜¦ Wounder!

The posh lady who swears came in today. We had been saying we haven’t seen her for a few weeks. She’s great. She’ll tell you a story and then start effing and jeffing, but not skip a beat. You would never believe it as she’s all prim and proper. Makes us laugh everytime. Turns out her husbands not well. Got aggressive cancer šŸ˜¦ Poor love. Hope He’s ok.

The lady with the yellow/orangey teeth that match her brown coat and ginger hair, always has smoked ham. She’s nice enough. Doesn’t say much though.

The Jamaican gentleman who always throws up how ever many fingers of thin cut boiled ham he wants and complains about the weather. Came back from a trip to Jamaica the other week and was complaining about the weather there too.

The man city fan who comes in for tongue slices. Very unkept, teeth missing and a very strong unpleasant odour. Always feel slightly sorry for him, obviously not coping well on his own.

And lastly the drunk, black and possibly Irish fellow who comes in and chatters totally incoherently to himself. Cracks me up as haven’t got a clue what he’s saying. Always in a suit. Eventually manage to get ’79p of turkey’ out of the ramblings. He seems happy enough. Smiling and chatting away to himself.

People eh? Don’t halfmake you wonder!

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