Prayer from the heart by Bill Hybels

Pray from the Heart
In him and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence. Ephesians 3:12
God wants us simply to talk to him as to a friend or father – authentically, reverently, personally, earnestly. I heard a man do this once when I least expected it.

I attended a conference with several high-level Christian leaders. The conversation was intense; I had to strain to keep up with the theological and philosophical discussion. At lunchtime, we all gathered at a nearby restaurant, the Hole in the Wall. A seminary professor was asked to pray. As we bowed our heads, I thought, This prayer is going to sound like theology class.

The theologian began to pray. “Father,” he said, “I love being alive today. And I love sitting down with brothers in the Hole in the Wall, eating good food and talking about kingdom business. I know you’re at this table, and I’m glad. I want to tell you in front of these brothers that I love you, and I’ll do anything for you that you ask me to do.”

His sincere prayer showed me how often I pray on automatic pilot. But God isn’t interested in stock phrases. He’s interested in authenticity.

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