Pastor Paul Lloyd 17/07/2011 Building a great church

Pastor Paul Lloyd 17/07/2011

Building a great church


Numbers are important but just because you have many numbers doesn’t mean you have a good church.

Just because you don’t have many numbers doesn’t mean you have a good church.

Some churches have many members but not many attendees.

What does God consider to be a great church?

Just because you have a good time doesn’t mean you’re going to a great church. A great church is a church that affects everything around it.

Matthew 16:13-20

What is church?

Jesus wasn’t talking about Peter, or the Roman Catholic Church. He was talking about the confession of Christ.

The Greek word is ekklesia- At the time this word had nothing to do with church. It meant a gathering together of people for a specific purpose. When he said his church he meant a gathering together of people in him.

It never meant a loose gathering of people.

Just because you are affiliated with something doesn’t mean to say they are taking part in it.

An Ekklesia meant the people who actually turned up. Not just people who said they believed.

To be a part of the church you have to be a part of it not apart from it.

A church only exists when people gather together for Jesus.

The one thing the enemies of God want to see is a scattered church not a gathered church. That’s why law makers and rule makers who are Anti-Christian  have tried to scatter the church by making people work on a Sunday.

The enemies of God will bring in distraction, entertainment, anything to scatter the church.

When people gather together there is a multiplication of effectiveness.

Enemy doesn’t want people to get involved with church.

If you’ve been saved don’t play it safe, get involved.

Paul the Apostle alluded that the Church was a body. Everyone has a part to play, cause there are different parts.

If you are a sleeping Christian then you are as good as useless. All you will do is divert the effectiveness of the other parts, because they will be using their effectiveness trying to wake you up!

It’s time to wake up and arise. Don’t get bent out of shape if your church doesn’t have a ministry that fits you, cause as you step out it will develop!

God will make room for you . Everyone has a part to play. What part do you play?

The problem comes when you sleep and don’t get to church, as your part is only any good if it’s attached.

Are you apart of the church? You have to be gathered together with the church

Lots of people think the church is a building.  The church isn’t a building.

Some people think it’s a club. Some people think it’s a school where you go to be educated. Some people think it’s a concert, you have a good time etc Some people think it’s a hospital. And it is all of those thinks but MORE of those things.

It’s the people gathering together. It’s the man that makes the suit not the suit that makes the man.

The church isn’t a concert but the crowd performs and God watches and evaluates.

The church is a place for healing but what hospital heals someone and then seeks to employ them as a doctor?

Church is so much more than people’s perceptions

Great churches have in common:

  1. Confession (That Jesus is the Christ)

In Greek -homologeo- Speaking the same as another. To declare openly and in agreement.

Agreement is where we get the word symphony from. In a symphony there are different instruments. All different instruments play differently but when they come together you get a symphony.

A great church is where everyone is of one mind.

  1. Common resources

Acts 2:44- shared everything. What God gives you is for the good of all. If he gives you something and you don’t use it, you lose it!

If you’re not a giver then you are a taker.

The enemy wants to stop the church having great resources.


  1. Common Purpose

A great church will always have this -Luke 19:10 as its mission

A great church will always have a servant hearted purpose.

A great church will always be outreaching to others.

Mark 10:45 Not to be served but to serve. We come to church to be a blessing.


Our purpose is to fulfil His mission to seek and save the lost.   Luke 4:18- This is His mandate.

We need His power to fulfil it. We cannot do it without His power.


Money will go but every single person you, prayed for, reached out to, will always remain. It will never be lost.


Who was the last person you lead to the Lord? Everyone who’s saved is in full time ministry.

The method is we make disciples of all nations baptising them in the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The delivered become the deliverers.

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