Pastor Paul Lloyd 10/07/2011 Using the right builder – (The Holy Spirit)

Luke 4:18 – The Spirit of the Lord.

How well do you know the Holy Spirit?

There seems to be a resurgence of People wanting to know the Holy Spirit.

Without the Holy Spirit we can’t do anything. We look good but we can’t get anywhere.

Although there are people who have abused the move of the Spirit, there have also been moves of the Holy Spirit that some people have recieved and some have rejected.

Jesus lived His life in the fullness of the Spirit.

Luke 3:16- He will baptise you with the Holy Spirit and with fire.

Luke 3:21- It happened. God is a God of happenings. He makes things happen.

In Jesus’ time a  Jew couldn’t do ministry till they were thirty years old.

Jesus completed all the requirements, even earthly ones. He fulfilled all righteousness.

Luke 4:1 – FULL of the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes when we have had mountain top experiences we need to go down to the valley for God to do some work in us.

Existence proceeds conception.

Sometimes people want an experience and want the Holy Spirit  to lead them to an experience, but he can lead them into the desert. Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit into the desert.

Jesus defeated the devil in the wilderness by the Word of God, the Word of God is powerful when the Holy Spirit is using it.

Luke 4:14 Jesus returned in power. Sometimes you have to go through what you have to go through. Sometimes we don’t accept what God has allowed, but God is good and he doesn’t want bad for us.

When Jesus began to teach, he outlined his manifesto.

God means what he says he doesn’t use smoke and mirrors. He doesn’t lie, when he says a thing it happens.

Luke 4:18 – Jesus manifesto, what He came to do…it’s our calling too!

If Jesus relied on the Spirit of God so much, how come we forget about Him?

The Holy Spirit is mentioned 261 in the new testament.

We need to understand the difference between gifts and fruits.

-Gifts are for use in God’s service, we have to be disciples not just believers. Fake things always fall apart! We want the real thing.

Fruit of the Spirit is spiritual character, who we are in the Lord. We need to have the goods deep down inside.

When there are gift of the Spirit there is only 1 fruit Galatians 5:22, but there are many aspects (which is God’s love) but only 1 fruit.

-Joy is love exalted

-Peace is love resposing

-Patience is love untiring

-Kindness is love enduring

(They help with our relationship with God)

-Goodness is love in action

-Gentleness is love under discipline

(They help with our relationship with others)

-Faithfulness is love on the battlefield

-Self-Control is love in training

(They help us with our relationship with ourselves)

These aspects are a representation of God. They enable us to enjoy a relationship.

We start off in the Spirit when we get saved, but then we start walking in the flesh, we wat it our way. But we need to get out of the way and let Him work.

God wants to be there for you, cause He is for us.

Acts 10:19- Holy Spirit speaks

Acts 13:2 – Holy Spirit speaks

Rev 2-3 -Holy Spirit speaks

Theres been real misunderstanding of this stuff. Martin Lloyd Jones said ‘The Bible was not given to replace direct revelation from God, it was given to correct abuses’

In the time of Acts they didn’t have the New Testament, they had the Holy Spirit and the revelation of the Old Testament.

We know it’s the Holy Spirit speaking cause it will confirm the Word of God, cause if it doesn’t its not the Holy Spirit.

We can test if something is from God because we have His testimony to test it against.

The Holy Spirit guides us into all truth. The Holy Spirit wrote the Bible John 14:25-26

Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.

Thats why in our ministry (Victory Outreach) we don’t believe in a smal improvement in someone’s life. We believe in total utter transformation.

God doesn’t give us grace to cover up bad habits, He gives us grace to see them completely broken.

The Spirit prays for us -Romans 8:26

You can only witness to someone, something you have done or experienced yourself.

How do we know the Holy Spirit better? John 3 – Be Born again.

It’s no good to be into Churchianity!! It’s no good your mum, dad, brother being saved. YOU need to be saved.

-We need to be Holy. Be there for unholy people but don’t be with them in their sin. Bad company corrupts good character. Jesus was friends with tax collectors and sinners but he wasn’t a tax collector or sinner!

-Repent – Have a definate experience of Salvation. Make sure you have been saved. Make sure you can pinpoint it.

– Be baptised in water. Full emersion. Baptism is an outward sign of an inward work.

– Have a deep conviction of your need for Him.

-Be conscreated for God- Make Him your priority. You are going to have to go through some stuff to do His will! He needs to be at the forefront of your life.

– Realy know the Holy Spirit. He wants to know you more than you know Him. He wants to come and empower and speak, lead, guide, be known by you, carry you, be glorified in and through you, he wants to do something that will blow you away. He wants to take you to a place where no eye has seen, no ear has heard.

If your doing all those things expect it!

God can move when and wherever He wants. God is not boxed in. He is above and beyond. He is sovereign.

He wants to enable us to carry Him into our city.

He wants to do things now. There are people who need to know Him now, there are people dying now.

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