Sermon Notes Fuel Service 27/4/11 Pastor Deji- Outreach

Outreach is reaching out.

Luke 10:25-37

-Because the expert knew with his head but not his heart, he needed to know who his neighbour was.

-We need heart knowledge as well as head knowledge

Outreach needs to be a lifestyle

V34 – Oil- eases pain, wine as an antiseptic, he did things carefully and property.

V35- He made sure that the man would be properly looked after.

V33- The Samaritan had compassion, that’s what was different about him.

Compassion is a quality that is needed for us to reach out.

Compassion gets you out of your comfort zone.

When we reach out of compassion we are in God’s will.

2 Corinthians 9:8-12 –Giving generously means thanks to God.

Ephesians 2:14-18

V17- He came and preached. We need to tell people this.

V18- Through Him (Jesus) we both have access to The Father (God) by one Spirit (Holy)- The Trinity all in one verse!

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